When clients look for HVAC and Commercial solutions the primary focus is on cooling towers that will have low noise pollution, be energy efficient, have a pre-assembled system in place allowing easy assembly in congested places such as metropolitan areas and finally be able to fit into mechanical plant rooms with space restrictions.

There are various types and configurations of cooling towers available for the HVAC market. Induced draft or forced draft with standard or low profile options, in crossflow or counterflow configuration with multiple cell options to maximize the benefit for the given application. Suitable for any type of environment, as they come in fibre reinforced plastic (FRP), galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Our state of art Marley NC Crossflow Tower has been awarded top performance recognition in many industries. Low fan power to reduce energy consumption, lower fan speed and sound levels, energy savings dividends over its lifetime, structurally superior, well-engineered and factory-assembled which includes piping, single point wiring and quick-install features.

Exclusive Geareducer® drive – less than half the maintenance costs of belt drives and it is designed to last – backed by 5-year mechanical and service warranties.

For a quick overview of some of our HVAC/Commercial products please click on the below links to find out more:

Marley MD Counterflow Stainless Steel Cooling Tower

MD-13 Download PDF

Marley JT Recold Forced Draft Low Profile Stainless Steel Cooling Tower

Record J Series Download PDF

NC Crossflow Packaged Cooling Towers

Fiberglass Download PDF

Steel Download PDF

SRC Counterflow Tower

Fiberglass Download PDF

MHF Fluid Coolers

MHF Download PDF

MCF Fluid Coolers

MCF Download PDF