SPX Dry Cooling

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We offer models specifically suited to Oil & Gas applications and also Chemical Processing.

Air Cooled Condenser

Air-cooled condensers reject heat absorbed by the cooling system directly in the open air. When you compare air cooled condensers with water-cooled condenser, air cooling system requires greater difference in temperature between the coolant and the middle where it is cooled.

Although this makes air cooled condensers a lot less energy efficient, their simple design mens low purchase and maintenance expense. These are probably the main reason why the vast majority of residential air conditioning (up to 5 tons) and commercial air conditioning equipment (up to 50 tons) actually use air-cooled condensers.

Modern design of some air cooled condensers allows zero-clearance of installation and use more compact heat exchanger of the condenser. This design benefit makes the coils more prone to dust, dirt and pet hair from the floor.

O avoid excessive high discharge pressure and temperature it’s required to do a periodic condenser cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

If the cleaning is not done regularly it may cause compressor failure in these products.

Hexacool® Air Cooled Condense

Hexacool® is an air cooled condenser (ACC) are well suited for use in waste to energy, biomass and small size electrical power plants and industrial co-generation.

Hexacool® ACC are offering a standard modular system that would be low in cost, easy to erect and robust in performance.

Some benefits of the Hexacool® Air Cooled Condenser are:

ModuleAir™ Air Cooled Condenser

The innovative modular design of the ModuleAir ACC provides factory-assembled structural components that includes duct and heat exchanger bundles to shorten construction duration and reduce construction costs.

ModuleAir™ Air Cooled Condenser benefits lies in its advanced condenser design, improved performance during low ambient conditions and enhanced annual average power plant output. The lower height and smaller footprint of the ModuleAir ACC also reduce visual impact at the site.

Benefits of ModuleAir™ Air Cooled Condenser are:

Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) are a family of custom designed heavy duty fin tube heat exchangers.
Air Cooled Heat Exchangers allow the direct cooling by air and are used for many Industrial Applications, such as Power, Chemical, Oil & Gas, ORC Plant, Steel Industry and many other Applications.

Indirect Dry Cooling

Indirect Dry Cooling (IDCT) systems have been used for over 50 years for various applications in the power industry. Active for more than three decades in the indirect dry cooling market, SPX Dry Cooling has supplied the largest indirect system presently in operation in the world.

The IDCT is a dry cooling system whose major benefits are: