We use CTI approved selection programs which provide a full analysis at selected cooling towers.

The best thing about Cooling Towers WA providing services is that our initial consultation and advice are FREE of charge. No obligations. With a 90 years’ worth of cooling technologies in our repertoire, rest assured you are getting advice backed up by research and experience.

When it comes to specific cooling tower services, there are plenty of options available. In fact, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the large number of companies that offer expertise in a specific field or for a particular region.

Marley has been a part of the entire cooling tower lifecycle—from design and manufacturing to service and reconstruction— for almost a century. With such a unique perspective and unparalleled knowledge, Cooling Towers WA looks beyond one-off solutions to provide complete longevity solutions—proven, convenient, and value-driven approaches that maximize tower performance as well as maintenance savings.

Cooling Towers WA specializes in a variety of maintenance and refurbishment services to maximize the life of your existing cooling tower and to improve thermal performance and operation.