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Cooling Towers WA – Marley offer various options when it comes to cooling tower products for the industrial and power plant operations. From our packaged crossflow and counterflow cooling towers offering small to medium sized heat rejection capabilities, to the large scale, field erected towers, with heat rejection capabilities of several hundred megawatts.

All towers, regardless of whether they are packaged or field erected can be designed to suit every customers need. They come in pultruded fibreglass, stainless steel or galvanised and construction industry structurally rated and treated wood (CE1 – H5 Level).

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Field Erected Counterflow Cooling Towers



The Marley industrial counterflow cooling tower has proven itself as one of the most efficient and reliable designs ever. The F400 cooling tower is a logical engineered evolution of this proven design, making use of pultruded fiberglass shapes as structural members. Proven through years of successful chemical plant construction, pultruded fiberglass is ideal for the wet, corrosive cooling tower environment. It’s strong like steel but at a fraction of the weight. Yet, it will not corrode from chemical exposure or moisture, and it resists deterioration from sunlight.




All wood is pressure treated after fabrication. All fabricated steel components are hot dip galvanized or stainless steel. Extensive use of inert plastics for structural and non structural components. Designed for heavy industrial use with long service life.


Field Erected Crossflow Cooling Towers



Marley F600 towers are field-erected, heavy duty, splashfill, crossflow cooling towers designed to serve all normal cooling water systems—as well as those “dirty water” systems which would place the long term operation of a film-fill tower in jeopardy. Structural components are inert fiberglass composite pultrusions. They evolve from the crossflow concept of towers pioneered by Marley in 1938, and incorporate over 60 years of design advancements that our customers have found valuable. The Marley F600 represent the current state of the art in this cooling tower category.




Marley 600 cooling towers are available in various cell sizes, fill air travels, and fill heights. Within each of these cell plans, several aspects of the basic design can be varied in order to achieve optimum operating economy. The choices include variations in fill type and density, fan type and size, fan cylinder height and shape, drift eliminator type and density and water distribution method and operating head.


CP Counterflow Field Erected Cooling Towers

CP Fibreglass


Corrosion resistant fiberglass and stainless steel construction makes it an excellent alternative to other cooling towers. Fill choices including high performance, low clog or splash fill ensure product flexibility to meet your exact water conditions at the maximum efficiency possible.


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